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We are now offering an À LA CARTE menu!

This new formula will allow us to be more flexible, both with our customers and with all the farmers and food producers we have established relationship with. 

Most of the organic farms in Japan are small scale. They are often managed by a family or even by a single person. Same thing for local fishermen and non industrial animal husbandry. Working that way will make it easier to adapt to the variability of their production and offer the best of Japanese produce. 

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday (Sunday&Monday closed),  17:30 ~ 23:30 (22:00 L.O.)



3-17-4 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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tel: 03-6876-6349

Open hours

Tuesday to Saturday 17:00—23:30
(restaurant reservations 18:30~20:00)


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tel for reservation: 050-3184-0529


Fukudome Small Farm salami  800
Au Bon Vieux Temps pâté (pork / venison)  750
Shibuya Cheese Stand ricotta with herb jam 800
                      Hata tartare toast with mint 800
Korinkey,zucchini and cucumber with spring flower 1400
Little gem salad with snap peas and anchovy 1300
Tomato and herb salad with onion rings 1400
Aji sashimi with miso Tamari and arugula flower salad 1800
Grilled Shrimp with black peppercorn 1500
Green peas and favs bean ravioli with leaf garlic 1800
Food hub project turnip and greens with miso and walnut 1000
Fried Kitaakari potatoes with aioli 800
Roasted new onions and Wakegi with thyme 1000
Hokkaido asparagus with egg 1400
Black “forbidden”rice with Takenoko and Mitsuba 1400
Grilled Fukudome Small Farm pork loin with sweet pepper sauce 2400
Braised duck legs with corn and Ume chutney 2700
Hata bourride with leek and parsley 2500
Hokkaido cheese plate 1500
Yoshida Bakery bread 550
Tagayasu Farm egg crème caramel 750
Rhubarb galette with lemon Verbena ice cream 850
*All our produce are sourced from nature friendly and animal loving Japanese small producers
Tax : 8%

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