3-17-4 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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tel: 03-6876-6349

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Tuesday to Saturday 17:30—23:30 ( L.O 22:00 )


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tel for reservation: 050-3184-0529


Fukudome Small Farm salami  800
Au Bon Vieux Temps pâté (pork or venison)  750
Fresh Ricotta with Mizunasu and Mizunasu 800
                      Red beets with yogurt and umeboshi 600
Sasaki Farm chicories with citrus and pickled gold beets 1500
Kale salsd with anchovy and Katsuobushi 1200
Mozzarella and tomatoes with zucchini flower fritters 1700
Isaki sashimi with wasabi and Heirloom cucumbers 1800
Hand cut tagliatelle with summer vegetable ratatouille and basil pest 1800
Roasted squash and Manganji peppers with plum chutney 1200
Fried Kitaakari potatoes with aioli 800
Grilled white ,Green and purple eggplant with tomato sauce and oregano 1200
Miyajima Tsuru Murasaki with garlic cream 1000
Paella with Sicilian chickpeas and red pepper aioli 1100
Grilled Fukudome pork loin with sage and homemade ketchup  2400
Grilled chicken with lemongrass and cherry tomatoes 3000
Poached steelhead with green beans and nasturtium butter 2500
Hokkaido cheese plate 1500
Yoshida Bakery bread 550
Tagayasu Farm egg crème caramel 750
Golden peach with cardamon ice cream 850
*All our produce are sourced from nature friendly and animal loving Japanese small producers
Tax : 8%

About us

We cook to keep our feet firmly on the ground, to feel the wind, taste the rain and know the seasons

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