3-17-4 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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tel: 03-6876-6349

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Tuesday to Saturday 17:30—23:30 ( L.O 22:00 )


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tel for reservation: 050-3184-0529



Fukudome Small Farm fennel salami  850

Au Bon Vieux Temps pâté (pork or venison)  1000

Shibuya Cheese Stand ricotta with fresh persimmon  800

Cured steelhead with red karashina  850


Butterhead lettuce with herb cream and anchovy  1600

Marinated red beets and beet leaf fritters with wasabi  1600

Grilled Hokkaido scallops with treviso chicories and pickled yuzu  1800


Matsuba gani tagliatelle with Meyer lemon and chervil  2200


Twice cooked carrots with mikan juice  1000

Fried Toya potatoes with black pepper and aioli  850

Cima di Râpa and Romanesco cauliflower with red pepper sauce  1200

‘ Forbidden’ black rice with lotus root and sesame  1400


Grilled leg and loin of Yokota Gibier wild boar  3600

Wild duck braised in red wine with Gunma corn polenta  2800

Poached Gotto island Suzuki with potatoes and coral sauce  2600

Hokkaido cheese plate  1550

Yoshida Bakery bread  650


Tagayasu Farm egg crème caramel  850

Apple galette with Niki leaf ice cream  1100

Pear poached in Yuzu with Riguri tea ice cream  950

*All our produce are sourced from nature friendly and animal loving Japanese small producers.

Plus tax :10%

About us

We cook to keep our feet firmly on the ground, to feel the wind, taste the rain and know the seasons

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