The Blind Donkey restaurant is a collaboration between Jérôme Waag and Shin Harakawa who have been and continue to travel throughout Japan to meet food producers dedicated to natural, humane and sustainable farming practices. The restaurant is dedicated to their work.

The Blind Donkey takes its name from the life of Ikkyu, the legendary 15th century zen teacher.

Jerome Waag is an artist and the former chef of Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley, California. He moved to Tokyo in 2016 to open the Blind Donkey.

Shin Harakawa is the former owner of BEARD restaurant in Meguro, Tokyo.

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Farmers and food producers

SHO Farm (Yokosuka, KANAGAWA): Vegetable farm
Hasegawa Clinic, Farm department (Saku, NAGANO): Vegetable farm
Fukudome Small Farm (Kanoya, KAGOSHIMA): Saddleback Pork Farm


The one straw revolution – Masanobu Fukuoka
The Planetary Garden and other writings – Gilles Clément
Seeds in danger – Isao Noguchi